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The rules of "HaftiX" web shop

I. General conditions

1. The web shop is located under the www.epasmanteria.pl internet address which allows purchasing goods by the Internet only.

2. The www.epasmanteria.pl web shop is run by the following company:

"GRZELA" Grzegorz Zochowski
ul. Zachodnia 28/15
15-345 Bialystok

NIP: PL542-143-32-59

3. The correspondency address of the company is:

Pasmanteria "HaftiX"
ul. Zambrowska 46
16-001 Kleosin
phone: 728-47-57-71

4. Made purchase in this shop is equal with acceptance of the web shop rules.

II. Procedure of placing and completing of an order

5. It is possible to place an order with using a function of adding a product to a cart and then by „Check out” button. Adding a product to a shopping cart does not reserve it in a store but checking an order out does it only.

6. The base condition to complete an order is a right filling personal details including a right and existing e-mail address and paying for an order.

7. An order can be placed in 24h for all a year. Orders placed during weekdays after 12:00 o'clock of Central European Time (UTC+1) on Saturdays, Sundays and at holidays – will be completed in a next weekday. The time from paying for and placing an order does not take more than one weekday usually. We reserve the right to check an order out maximally to 3 weekdays the only in unexpected case which makes impossible rapid completing an order.

8. In case of appearing circumstances not allowing to total checking an order out, the Craft shop reserves the rule to stop completing an order – about this case obligates itself to inform rapidly a Customer.

9. The Craft shop reserves the rule to stop checking an order out n case of appearing any doubts.

10. Prices of products being in the "HaftiX" webshop include VAT/DNI (brutto prices).

11. The Craft shop issues an invoice for goods purchaised.

12. The company provides only a mail-order sale and there is no possibility to individual and personal receipt of purchaised goods.

13. Settlements of transactions by a credit card and e-transfer are provided via Dotpay Settlement Center.

III Complains and doubtfull situations

14. A customer takes no responsibility for the Craft shop's mistakes. For goods paid in prices written by mistake there will be no additional fee. In case of a too serious mistake in price from which there would be any danger of the Craft shop businness activity we reserve the right to cancel an order and inform a customer in advance.

15. The Craft shop takes no responsibility for customer's mistakes including not right or incomplete written delivery address. Financial consequences of such situations incurs always a customer.

16. In case of an incomplete received parcel, we ask for taking a picture of a parcel and this what was inside of it and to send it to an e-mail address of the Craft shop or send MMS with infomation what is missing or which position is not right with an order. Packing process is registered and after recognizing our mistake indeed, we will fullfill an order and on our cost and for a return of goods miastaken sent to a cutomer we refund a cost of sending.

IV Returns

17. According to the Act of Law from 2nd March 2000 „About protection of some customer's law and about the responsibility for loss made by dangerous product” the Buyer in the time of 10 days from the date of receiving a parcel can resign from purchasing (to withdraw from a purchase agreement with no reason giving) goods bought in the Craft shop. The return of goods value will be realized in 2 weeks time from the time of receiving it back by the Craft shop. The cost of sending included in the primal order is not returned to the Customer. The cost of sending a parcel to the Craft shop is the Customer's cost.